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Pet Lovers

Are you just a dog/cat lover that would like to know more about how to take care of your pet? Get involved!

You are welcome to participate in some of our Workshops and Seminars! They are not always available, so keep your eyes open! Not all workshops and seminars are open to the public, some of them are only for our students or the grooming community. If you want to receive an email when a new public workshop is open, sign up to our mailing list so we can let you know! Click here to see what’s available right now.

Groomers and Local Grooming Salons

Are you a grooming business looking to hire people who are committed to their grooming careers? You found the right place! We will be able to provide you with fully trained groomers or with bathers/dryers/roughers who are on their way to become groomers. We can guarantee that the preparation of our students will be of excellence and they will make a valuable addition to your business. No more paying to train, no more absorbing the cost of mistakes, no more extra risks! Call us or send us an email for more information!


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