The following information is updated for 2019 NEW students


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Fees & Other Costs

Non-refundable application fee (to hold your spot and schedule): $50

Welcome package (school supplies): $20

Uniform (grooming scrubs): $40

What the Price Includes

All costs include…

  • The facility, all the grooming tools, and all grooming equipment
  • 2 hours of class and one or two instructors
  • Includes the pet to work on, which will be an actual customer (The student MAY bring his or her own pet, or family, or friends’ pets to work on)
  • Liability insurance is included AGAINST staff, shop equipment, customer dogs, and shop supplies, but NOT AGAINST the student. The student must be aware of the liability of working with animals and learning how to handle them and groom them, and must be responsible for its own injuries and accidents.

When the student is done with all the basics and intermediate classes and moves up to advanced classes and internship, the class will change to be 4 hours. Class price will also change.

If the student wants his or her own pet grooming books and notebooks or other supplies besides what is given in the welcome package, they may purchase their own but they will still have to purchase the welcome package.

Price and Info on Payments

All payments are done weekly or monthly, on the first lesson of that week or month. For example, if you’re going to take 3 lessons that particular week, one on Monday, another on Tuesday, and another on Wednesday, the amount of the 3 lessons must be paid on Monday when we meet for your first lesson. You may pay for a particular number of lessons in advance, too. For example, if you want to take 4 lessons in a month, you may pay for those 4 lessons and then we can agree on what days we will meet to fulfill those 4 lessons during that particular month.


Price per 2 hour lesson (beginner & intermediate): $50

Price per 4 hour lesson (double class & advanced): $105


3 lessons a week (b&i): $150

4 lessons a week (b&i): $200

5 lessons a week (b&i): $250


Monthly package of 12 lessons (b&i): $550 (You save $50!)

Monthly package of 20 lessons (b&i): $900 (You save $100!)

To get your monthly discount, you have to pay the full amount for the month!

REMEMBER: Your price changes if you do 2 classes in a single day or if you move up to being an advanced student! Prices with the sign (b&i) indicate prices for beginners and intermediate students.

When you finish your studies, you will be offered an internship in one of the Pink Poodle shops (depending on the availability in our shops). You WILL NOT have to pay for the internship and you will not be paid for the work done in the shop, it’s just an optional opportunity for the student to start working by him or herself while still being in the same building of his or her instructors, to build their confidence and independence. Ask about this when the time comes and save the amount you would normally pay by working with us during the day!!

To learn more about the program, what you will learn and what’s covered, click here!

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NO DATE has been yet established for the beginning of our GYOD program. An announcement will be made when classes are available for pet owners to take the program.

If you decide to enroll, remember you will have to pay at least 50% of your course at time of registration in order to reserve and keep your spot. You may pay this through Facebook, Paypal, or with a card over the phone (transaction fees apply). The remaining 50% must be paid when you come in for your course, in cash or check to your instructor.

If you do NOT pay the 50% at the time you want to register, we will not add you to the list and there will be no spot to your name.

What the price includes:

  • Facilities
  • Grooming table and accessories
  • All grooming tools needed for ears, nails, long hair, short hair, mats and tangles, bathing, drying, basic clipping, etc.
  • Grooming smocks and bathing protection
  • 2 or 4 hours of course with 1 or 2 instuctors
  • Liability insurance against equipment and staff


  • 2 hour class (1 owner/1 dog): $40
  • 2 hour class (1 or 2 owners/2 dogs): $70 ($10 discount)
  • 2 hour class (2 owners/3 dogs): $100 ($20 discount)