At S.A.G.A., we offer complete programs for you to graduate with an integral knowledge of the trade. We also offer individual courses that you can sign up for to further your knowledge and skills, and we also have workshops and seminars that are specific to a particular skill or goal.

In 2019, we decided to offer ONLY the following courses:

  • ONE ON ONE PROGRAM (starting February 4, 2019)

S.A.G.A. works in a partnership with Pink Poodle Pet Grooming  and  The Pink Poodle Grooming & Daycare, a pet grooming business that opened its doors in 1962! They provide the facilities for our students to experience what a real grooming shop looks and feels like and it also provides a stable amount of loyal customers that are happy to let students work on their pets! You will get the book knowledge AND the professional hands on knowledge you need.


For 2019, we are doing one on one classes that consists of 1 to 2 students with 1 instructor, rather than groups of 3 or more. The pricing and the dynamics of the one on one program are different than a program given to a full group, and we believe we will be able to further benefit our students by doing individual classes in which the student interacts only with 1 or 2 instructors, and the pet.

Main instructor: Owner of the Pink Poodle Professional Grooming of Texas LLC, N.D.G.A.A. National Certified Master Groomer… Andrea Sleeper

Main Info

The one on one grooming classes consist of only one student working with one or two instructors. Classes are both theoretical and hands on, working on actual customers. You choose your budget, your schedule, and the pace at which you want to learn. Depending on what you’re looking for, we set up a schedule and a learning plan for us to be able to get you to where you want to be when it comes to your grooming goals according to your budget and time. All lessons are at least 2 hours and will take place in the Pink Poodle Grooming and Daycare shop in Converse, Texas. We recommend taking at least one lesson a week to have some progress in your learning process. The time it takes you to graduate and complete the program will depend on YOU. On the amount of lessons you can take a week, in how much progress you can make in each lessons, how fast you can learn and apply your knowledge, and your motivation to finish. Some students have learned everything in 3 months, others have taken 7 months. It varies from student to student.

What you will Learn

• Dog & Cat Anatomy (including hair and skin)
• Breed recognition (including group classifications and purpose)
• Pet body language & behavior
• Handling, holding & safety techniques
• Proper Bathing & Drying
• Identification of diseases, parasites & conditions (including skin)
• Handling difficult, aggressive, or pets with special needs
• Ears & Nails
• Brushing, combing & de-matting
• Grooming tools & their proper use (including injury prevention)
• Proper roughing process (incorporating b&d, e&n, and sanitary and feet)
• Basic clipping & finishing techniques (face, feet, sanitary)
• Grooming Patterns and Clipper Techniques (Art of pet styling)
• Shaving & Close cuts
• Poodle cuts & styles (Basic and pet)
• Beginner & Intermediate hand scissoring
• Terrier cuts & styles
• Handling & Holding Techniques while finishing
• Accessory making & application
• Advanced patterns, breed cuts, and hand scissoring
• Advanced general grooming

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(Groom Your Own Dog)

For 2019, we are doing a Groom Your Own Dog Program which consists of a group of maximum 3 people who bring their own pets and are taught how to properly and safely take care of their pets’ coat, skin, nails, and ears at home.

Instructor: Owner of the Pink Poodle Professional Grooming of Texas LLC and N.D.G.A.A. National Certified Master Groomer… Andrea Sleeper

Main Info

DATE HAS NOT BEEN DETERMINED YET. We will post an announcement when we are back to offering this option for local pet owners.

The Groom Your Own Dog program offers a basic pet care course for loving owners that want to learn how to PROPERLY care for their dog’s coat and skin in between professional grooms. The course consists of the owner bringing his or her own pet to a 2 hour course in which the instructor will teach how to specifically do basic grooming and take care of the pet at home depending on the breed and the dog’s needs. The course can be for anyone interested in learning how to take care of their own pet, be it someone that only wants to know how to properly bathe and dry, or someone who wants to learn how to do basic grooming such as trimming or touching up the hair to keep the coat healthy in between professional grooms. If an owner wants to learn more than the knowledge provided in the single course, such as FULL grooming, like body clipping and scissoring, he or she would need to enroll in our actual PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMER course. A second or third G.Y.O.D. session will NOT teach you more than what you would learn in the first, but you are free to take it if you want to practice what you learned under the supervision of a trained and certified professional.

TIME: All courses take place on SUNDAY mornings from 9:00AM to 11:00AM (Basic). DATES FOR THE YEAR 2019 STILL NEED TO BE DETERMINED.

LOCATION: Pink Poodle Grooming and Daycare at 102 Toepperwein Rd, Converse Texas, 78109.

To enroll in the G.Y.O.D. Program, follow these steps:

  1. Send us an email to info@sagroomingacademy.com establishing your interest in enrolling, TYPE YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER for us to be able to contact you, give us information on the pet you want to learn how to groom, what you want to learn to do, and which Sunday you would be interested in starting. You can also call us directly to 210-996-3236 and we will ask you for this information over the phone.
  2. If you sent an email, wait for our call to talk to you about the program, answer any questions, and to let you know the dates we have available. If you called us and provided all your information on the phone, we will confirm everything needed with you in that same phone call.
  3. Send us 50% of your course payment through Paypal, in cash in the Pink Poodle at Converse shop, or on the phone with your card (fees apply) to add you to the list and reserve a spot the day you want to come. WITHOUT THAT FIRST PAYMENT, WE WILL NOT RESERVE A SPOT FOR YOU.
  4. Show up on the set date at the time of the course with your pet, wear some comfortable clothes that you’re willing to get dirty and wet, pay the remaining 50% of your course in cash or check, and start learning how to groom your baby at home!

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