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Besides providing you with a private Professional Pet Groomer certificate, as a student and as a graduate from S.A.G.A, you will have access to several services that will help you make pet grooming a life-long career!

  • Preparation to enter the Texas workforce as a Professional Groomer

(We will help you with your C.V., professional portfolio, interview guide, and more)

  • Job Placement Assistance

(We will provide you with a network of local pet grooming salons, pet grooming mobile vans, veterinaries, boarding kennels, pet stores, and other businesses that have positions available)

  • Local Service Advertisement

(If you graduate from S.A.G.A. and decide to open your own business, or work as a main groomer at an established shop, or decide to get your own mobile grooming van, we will offer and recommend your services to the community as a certified local business… because we know you are going to do great!)

  • Monthly Newsletter

(You will receive one with open positions and job opportunities in the South Texas area and you will also receive one with important information to continue your education, be aware of events or national news, and more!)

  • National Association Dates and Information

(Interested in taking your Certification to a National level? Let us help you!)

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