So, you want to become a dog groomer. There are so many options out there and you’re a little overwhelmed with the choices that you have to make… All you know is that you want to work with pets. You want to groom pets. You want to build a career and make a living out of working with animals. Let us help you out a bit.

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Reason #1. It’s not ONLINE. It’s not just reading, and learning out of a book, and memorizing what you should be doing when there’s a dog on your grooming table some day… you’ll be actually DOING it. 97% of our program is hands on. We only sit through a couple of classes, the rest is all on the grooming table, tub area and drying area!

Reason #2. My unique program, a program I built out of my own personal experience while learning how to groom from my family, is not a replacive kind of learning, but rather a progressive one. You will not achieve a task only to never see it again and move on to the next, but rather you will learn how to execute it in addition to all the other ones I will teach you how to do. This will help you to actually possess the experience that employers or customers are looking for in a certified Professional Pet Groomer.

Reason #3. The way your progress and move up in your classes is not dependent of credits, hours, or time. It depends on YOU. On your ability to learn and execute tasks with the proper quality, confidence, and speed. So your progress, and the amount it takes to graduates, truly and purely depends on how much you invest on it and how hard you work for it!

Reason #4. The program is personalized to you, your needs, and the goals you have concerning your certification. If you want to open your own shop, we build a program in which you are constantly receiving information about what you will need to do to make your shop happen. The month before graduation would also be specifically designed to give you all the information you need to be able to actually achieve your goal as soon as possible after you graduate. Or, if you want to only work with certain breeds or certain types of dogs, like small breeds, we can also build a program around your specific interest. We have a whole program of Graduate’s Services to help you make your dream happen!

Reason #5. You will receive the certification and title of CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL PET GROOMER at the end of it all!

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Or maybe not quite convinced? Call us or message us to make an appointment for you to come meet the school, the owner and have all your questions answered in person!

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