We called several local pet grooming shops in the San Antonio area to better understand the industry situation. Pet grooming salons in San Antonio share many issues, but one of the most important ones is: getting the correct staff to trust with their customers. Many local shop owners know how rare it is to actually hire someone who already has the skills and knowledge to start as an independent groomer and how difficult it is to train someone from start to finish, running the risk of them taking off to open their own place after their FREE training is completed (this is the main reason that local shops gave when we asked why they wouldn’t hire inexperienced people or why they refuse to train for grooming). Additionally, another problem we found out about is that more new customers were coming in looking for a “real” pet groomer that would provide them with a good quality haircut after attempting a DIY groom or taking their pet to a “home” groomer. This is how and why we decided that we had to do something to address these issues.

We decided to invest in a project that would provide the Texas workforce with fully trained, professional, and integral pet groomers that are truly ready to provide customers with high quality service. We don’t just want to supply professionally trained pet groomers, we made our goal to bring back quality and excellence back to grooming in Texas.


We believe that every pet deserves a professional groomer. That’s why our main goal is to teach our students to be integral professional pet groomers by providing  the most complete and comprehensive curriculum. We want our students to leave S.A.G.A. feeling fully prepared to exercise their new career. We also want our graduates’ employers and customers to feel certain that their pet groomer is an all around professional.


We see a very bright future for S.A.G.A. We plan to expand and to open more schools in other cities of Texas. We also plan to expand the concept of S.A.G.A. for it to cover other pet lovers’ necessities, such as boarding  services and dog grooming products made by us, such as shampoos and colognes. We see our name, style, and future brand become an exclusive signature in all of our graduates, which will hopefully be considered very valuable and sought after by employers. As a more long-term and abstract vision, we wish to see the pet grooming profession becoming, with our help, an occupation highly sought after by people who seek a career change and high school graduates that wish a profitable career involving animals.


In order to achieve our vision and mission, we need a guide to take us there. It’s not just about where we want to go, it is also about how we are going to get there. Our values will be the compass that will lead us and our students in the right direction to reach our goals and maximum potential. We will promote and enforce leadership, integrity, collaboration, quality, respect, honesty, passion and accountability. We want our graduates to be more than just the people who groom your pets; we want them to be part of your family by taking the proper care of your furry friends.