AFFORDABLE DOG GROOMING ALERT: We need Poodles and Schnauzers!

🐩We are in need of POODLES and SCHNAUZERS from August 5th to 17th🐩
🎉Our students are ready for haircuts!🎉
Finally, you’ll get the haircut💰prices that you’ve been waiting for. ❤️We are currently looking for POODLES and SCHNAUZERS that need poodle cuts and schnauzer cuts. If you have a dog that is a mix or not one of these breeds, but want a poodle or schnauzer pattern, you classify too!

💵Included in the price💵:
🐾Bath, anal gland, blow dry by hand, nail cutting, ear cleaning, leave in conditioner, perfume and haircut🐾

Your dogs must be friendly with people and other animals. NO AGGRESSIVE DOGS.
Your dogs must be good and comfortable with being groomed. NO aggressive dogs or overly scared/traumatized dogs.
Your dogs must be FULLY💉VACCINATED and official proof of vaccination will have to be provided. The rabies tag or rabies info is NOT ENOUGH.
Your dogs must meet the esthetic features that the students need: if they need poodles with frizzy hair that need a poodle cut, we will not be able to do your Shih Tzu that needs a Teddy Bear Head.

Thank you for your support of our students!
TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: Call or text 210-996-3236

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